pallet single

2005 Sam Donnithorne began recycling second-hand pallets during his final year of university. The business was known as Pallets2Go and sold a few thousand pallets in the first year of business.

2008 Pallet2Go rebranded to Southern Pallet Recycling and the company grew to annual volumes of 30,000 plus pallets while expanding into pallet servicing and repair.

2010 Important recycling and repair work commenced for a publically listed, global pallet hire company out of both Christchurch and Dunedin. Providing a major platform for growth.

2011 Our new pallet division was formed at the request of an existing client who we repaired and serviced pallets for.  

This invitation proved immeasurable for future growth and direction for the business.

2012 to 2015 Our new pallet division grew rapidly and we now hold significant (and enviable) industry contracts.

2015 Southern Pallet Recycling was abbreviated to Southern Pallets to illustrate the prominence of our new pallet division while annual volumes grew to over 130,000 pallets per annum.

The commissioning of a new optimizing saw from Denmark in 2015 quadrupled our timber processing speeds and reassigned important labour units from cutting to pallet manufacturing. This significant new investment requires only one operator and will cut 10,000 lineal meters per shift.

2016 Southern Pallets shifted to our new 6000 sq/m facility at 21 Calgary Place. A sawmill in its former life, the site was chosen for its significant power supply, radius loop for trucks, fully concreted yard, wide doors, major sprinkler and fire retardant systems and proximity to key clients in industrial Hornby. 

2017 Southern Pallets commenced manufacture of new pallets for Brambles NZ Limited (CHEP).