The Southern Pallets Story

Who are we?

SP Sam Donnithorne

Sam and Louise Donnithorne own and operate Southern Pallets alongside a dedicated team of production and operational team members.

With manufacturing approaching 200,000 pallets per annum, we have a strong market share throughout the South Island.

Sam Donnithorne Founder

In a market dominated by historically established and multigenerational competitors, Sam has worked diligently to grow Southern Pallets over the last 13 years.

Sam takes ultimate responsibility for Southern Pallets and to him, each pallets goes out with his name on it.

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Our history


Sam Donnithorne incorporated Pallets2Go as a result of a university marketing assignment, working from a gravel yard, the early years consisted of towing a trailer round collecting refurbishing and selling recycled pallets. Latterly the company changed its name to Southern Pallet Recycling.


A key relationship was formed with CHEP New Zealand where we commenced recycling large volumes of CHEP pallets in the South Island. New pallet manufacturing started with existing customers and grew significantly. Key customer Carter Holt Harvey Packaging supported the business providing an enormous platform for growth. Our name was abbreviated to Southern Pallets.


A substantial new premises was secured - this new site had significant power supply, large concrete yards, radius loop for trucks, major sprinkler and fire systems in a central location close to key customers. New processing equipment was purchased from Europe and USA to internally process our own feedstock.

Southern Pallets commenced new pallet manufacturing for CHEP New Zealand in the South Island.   


New faster processing equipment has been ordered for delivery in the coming year.

Looking for new, recycled or custom pallets?

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