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Performance Packaging - made to Order.

Southern Pallets specialise in the manufacture of Pallets, Bins and Crates.

Pallets for any requirement – Seed, Apples, Packaging, Milk Powder.

Bins of any variety – Potatoes, Squash, Apples, Seed, Onions.

Crates for any purpose – Machinery, Livestock, Glass, Pumps.

Our clients span from Bluff to Blenheim and everywhere in between.

Pallet Variations


There are two access points on this style of pallet, typically they are stronger and easier to manufacture. They can lack versatility in some applications.


There are four access points on this style of pallet, typically they have one longer and one shorter side for instance 1200x1000. They have excellent versatility, however they can be more expensive to manufacture.

Timber variations

Green Sawn

This timber is untreated and heavier than its counterpart. Not suitable for export or in sensitive applications such as Diary. Typically domestic pallets are made from green Sawn timber. MC content is typically well above 20%.

Kiln Dried

This timber has been dried inside a kiln and is lighter and more versatile than its counterpart. All export applications use Kiln Dried timber. MC content is typically 12-15%.

Why Use Southern Pallets?

  • You are guaranteed a high quality finished product
  • You can depend on us for results
  • You can expect fair and reasonable pricing
  • You will deal directly with a decision maker

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