Recycled Pallets

SP Recycled Pallets

High quality recycled pallets

Typically we stocked New Zealand standard 1200x1000 recycled pallets. The majority have been used once and are in excellent condition.

Recycled pallets provide a cost effective solution where the performance of the pallet is secondary to the price.

We typically have several thousand in stock, they can be a good substitute to new pallets in the right application.

Southern Pallets have a distinguished recycled pallet division that focuses exclusively on high quality, low use, uniform pallets. 

Why use Southern Pallets?

  • You are guaranteed a high quality finished product
  • You can depend on us for results
  • You can expect fair and reasonable pricing
  • You will deal directly with a decision maker

We hold thousands of recycled pallets in stock.

Talk with us today about your recycled pallet requirements.