New Pallets

Southern Pallets specialise in the manufacture of new pallets and bins, predominately for primary industry.

We exclusively manufacture from plantation grown, Radiata Pine, sourced locally and throughout the South Island. 

We are an approved supplier to ENZA and Zespri. We specialise in the manufacture of export Apple (Z-Pak & RDT) and Kiwifruit (P10) pallets.

Geography is no barrier - Our clients span from Bluff to Motueka and everywhere in between.




Pallets are manufactured in one of two ways.


  • Two-way


This enables a forklift to access the pallet on two faces - front and rear. Two-Way pallets are typically stronger and less expensive to build but can lack versatility in certain applications.

Two-Way pallets have excellent prominence for stencilling and branding and are less expensive to service and maintain.


  • Four-way


This enables a forklift to access the pallet on all four faces. Four-Way pallets are extremely versatile for vehicle, container and racking utilisation.



Southern Pallets manufacture from either Wet or Dry timber to suit various applications and budgets.


  • Green (wet)


Green timber is untreated and wet (above 20% moisture). Although not physically wet, the timber is not dry. Green pallets are exclusively used for all domestic applications. Green pallets cost less to produce but weight considerably more than dry pallets.


  • Kiln Dried (low moisture content under 20%)


Kiln Dried (KD) timber has been kiln dried to reduce the moisture content. Predominately KD manufactured pallets are for export applications where the pallet is destined for international markets. Kiln drying is an approved timber treatment to comply with ISPM-15.

Some domestic applications require KD timber for use in packaging and dairy where dry pallets are paramount for integrity of finished goods.